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Is your Funeral Director certified by the Colorado Funeral Service Board?

The Colorado Funeral Service Board (CFSB) is a certification program administered by the CFDA for the advancement of professionalism within the funeral service industry in Colorado. CFSB certification is strictly voluntary and individuals may apply for a number of professional certifications. There are more than 180 individuals currently certified by the Colorado Funeral Service Board.

Certification is a valuable personal asset that:

  • Acknowledges dedication to the funeral service profession.
  • Recognizes an investment in career education and experience.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to higher performance standards beyond those that may be required by an employer.
  • Emphasizes a pledge to lifelong learning and professional development.
  • Distinguishes a funeral establishment from others in the community by employing CFSB certified professionals.

These individuals have committed to upholding high ethical standards, a high degree of professionalism, continued practical competence and ongoing education that will benefit consumers and the funeral service profession in Colorado.

Since the certification program is voluntary and is not mandated by the State of Colorado, the Colorado Funeral Service Board has no enforcement authority or legal control over violations.

Certifications require renewal each calendar year.

Certified Professionals for calendar year 2018

CFSB Honor Roll 2018

CFSB is pleased to recognize the following individuals who have earned 15+ contact hours of CE credit during the past calendar year:

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